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Coonplay is a closed cattery and we DO NOT offer casual visits or Stud Service with our males. A Closed Cattery helps prevent disease and provides a controlled health environment free of outside germs and bacteria.  Our goal is to give you an amazing pet, improve the breed health, and support the original polydactyl trait of the Maine Coon while maintaining the Maine Coon Registered Standard.
The Maine Coon breed has genetic concerns with HCM, PKD, PK-def, HD, and SMA.  We have been breeding beloved genetically screened, pedigreed fur babies for more than 30 years, and Maine Coons for 20 of those years.  Our kittens are raised underfoot, cared for and well socialized by our family and health screened by our vet, before they come to you to love a lifetime.
Over the years, our Maine Coons have been placed in loving forever homes, including the average pet home, and many Veterinarian pet homes locally, across the Nation, and Worldwide. We have been complemented for the HEALTH, SIZE, TYPE, TEMPERAMENT and that SUPERB WILD CAT look in our Maine Coons!

Why Get A Coonplay Maine Coon?


We have been selectively breeding pedigree'd cats since 1989.  The longer a breeder has been breeding the, better the feline husbandry practice.


Our Cats have Massive size to them due to our unique and extensive focus on outcrossing the pedigrees for better health and lower total co-efficients.   We have always focused on the health first, the temperament 2nd and the show quality 3rd.  Because of this practice for so many years, we now have the most incredible show quality cats, including the Polydactyl, with a greater chance for a longer, healthier life.


Because we are a large family, and the cats are given the best possible care, food and socialization, you will get one of the friendliest and affectionate Maine Coon around.

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