We Specialize in Show Quality Polydactyl and European Line Maine Coons for the EPIC WILD LOOK!

Adoption Info

Adopting a Coonplay Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

We reserve the right to Sell or not Sell a kitten to any individual.

Our kittens are cared for with great love and affection. Handled and socialized from birth. They learn to be very affectionate and accustomed to the busy daily life of a family of Seven. Our goal is to find lifetime loving homes for each Maine Coon. Because we have such high goals for you, we make the most of out-crossing our lines, meaning unrelated genetics. It has been proven that too much inbreeding shortens life span as much as 10 years in a cat. We feed only high quality premium food, we test and breed for HCM negative Gene, check hips and give a daily vitamin supplement to help ensure good healthy growth and nutrition in utero as well as once out in the world. All of this takes lots of time and care, and therefore costs quite a bit of money to try to help ensure you get a quality kitten for a nice long life together.

We have the special polydactyl trait of the Maine Coon as well as the Show standard straight footed Maine Coon. Coonplay is a closed cattery and do not offer in home visits. This is for the health of your kitten, as well as their safety. Coonplay is a safe haven for your little one to grow from birth.
We do not sell breeding cats, but prefer to place our kittens in a loving forever pet home. Therefore, most of our pet kittens are of show/breeder quality available for spay/neuter pets. Each kitten develops at their own pace, and Maine Coon kittens do take their time to develop as they continue to grow and mature for 3 - 5 years. Our cat/kittens are all guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV negative at the time they leave our home.

Our kittens have homes waiting for them even before they are born, and we invite you to contact us with any concerns or questions about our big beautiful Maine Coon Cats. We will be happy to talk with you.

What we do


TWO Are Better Than ONE!

They live longer

It has been proven that Felines who have a fellow forever feline family member have less behavior issues, use 25% more of their brain, live longer lives and act more like their true feline nature than those who are "only children" felines.

Two Are Better Than One!

Two Are Better Than One!


Shipping a Kitten


Though we do not ship pet kittens, we will meet you at the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT for a delivery fee of just $300.

This includes a soft sided airline carrier to take your new baby home in, and soft quality absorbent bedding.

We also provide Food for travel and a travel bowl to offer water in.

Kittens are available on a first come, first qualify basis, with non-refundable deposit for pet adoption.



The First Vaccinations are the Most important!

The Most recent, 2015, research shows that kittens who are healthy (and capable of responding to vaccination) may benefit more to vaccination at an earlier age than the standard recommended vaccination at 8–9 weeks of age. Followed by a second vaccination 3–4 weeks later. Therefore the VGG recommends administration of the final kitten dose at 14–16 weeks or older. All kittens should receive the core vaccines. A minimum of 3 booster vaccinations is recommended to give maximum immunity.

We have found over the 20 Plus years of breeding that vaccinating at 7 weeks and then giving a 2nd vaccination at 11 weeks of age, that our kittens are much healthier babies. Cats that respond to MLV core vaccines maintain immunity for many years.