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Oh my lord I am in love with this kitten! He's beautiful, he loves being held and being brushed, and spends most of his time in my lap, purring up a storm. My husband and I are very happy with him, and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual. He's so sweet! Official name chosen today is Aslan.

Thank you Laura! I've waited for him for 10 years and it was worth it!



This is Jag recently!  His is quite a character!  We love him so much!  Thanks again Laura!!!


Barkley, Mozart and Annabelle

Barkley, Mozart and Annabelle

(Update from their loving pet home)
we have been enjoying Barkley, Mozart and Annabelle (formerly Powder Puff). They certainly have different personalities. Annabelle is very beautiful and independent and enjoys being alone. She is becoming more social and affectionate though. Barkley is the hunter of the group. We have a toy bin for him in the basement and he brings up 8 – 10 stuffed toys every night. Mozart is the play boy and he still plays with his tail. Attached is a photo of the three trying out their Christmas present and attached is a short clip of Mozart.

Lucy and Grace

Lucy and Grace - both Coonplay babies

Hi Laura, The kittens are doing just fine and are as healthy as can be. Lucy weighed in at 6 lbs on her four month check up. Gracie weighed the same as Lucy did at her two month check up, so she is gaining well, too. They get along great and have been really good with all the company. They are both personable and don't run and hide from anything, including some pretty bad thunderstorms. I love them both and am so glad I adopted them! They have been great company and are great kittens. They get into all sorts of trouble!
Thanks again!

Kernie and Versace

Kermie and Versace- both Coonplay babies

Just an update, Kermie is doing very well and explored last evening, we just love him. I am very much interested in another kitten from your current litter. We have kept Kermie as his name as he seems to respond to it. He is really quite the character. A little too brave for my liking so I have had to really kitty proof some areas until he gets bigger. A little dare devil. I am looking at the black smoke baby. He is the one I will take. You did a wonderful job with Kermie by the way, he is awesome. Had his first vet visit yesterday for booster vaccines and everyone just loved him. Our vet who put our Sheba to sleep was there and very happy for us. Kermie was the star of the vet office!! He is wonderful!!

jeff and jan 2009

Louis, Cal, and Maxx - all 3 from Coonplay

I just wanted to send you an update on our three wonderful Maine Coons. I have attached a collage of some of the pictures we took of them this year. Louis had reached 22lbs and if he were a dog would be a Labrador retriever. He likes everybody and is a real head butter. We call him the “hugger” cat as whenever he is sitting on a table or a ledge, one just has to hug him. Cal is now 19lbs and you will see in the collage a picture on the right of his paw on my palm. We feel very fortunate we have one poly. He is the always curious, “let me play with something” one. He is the most cooperative, easy going cat of the three. Goes right after his meals, lets us brush him and clip his nails, and takes his vitamins with no complaints. Maxx is the runt. He’s only managed to reach 13lbs. This is actually a good thing as you can see in the pictures he is the lap kitty. Sometimes he is so smart it is scary. All three get along famously – they clean each other, they wrestle, and they gang up to try to figure out new puzzles in the house. Each day we are anxious to get home from work so we can spend more time with our three furry friends. Hope all is going well with you all. I check your website frequently and can see you are still raising some fabulous cats! Happy New Year!
Best Regards,
Jeff and Jan

Winston & Bruno Aug 08a

Winston and Bruno - both from Coonplay

Hi Laura,
Hope all is well with you. Winston has really adapted well with his new family. He and Bruno are inseparable. I took him to the vet for the last of his shots this past week and he is almost 8 pounds - thou he doesn't look it since his hair seems to be shorter than Sybil and Bruno's at this point. He eats like it's his last meal - so no problems there. I saw Lestats babies on the website a while back - what cuties! Take care, Susan


Puff Butternut

I just want to update you our wonderful baby girl, whom we have begun to call Puff Butterton. These things just evolve, you know. We call her a lot of things. She is so cute and smart. She eats well and has fit in very well with the "grown up" cats. She runs around the house like she owns the place. We just love her so much. I'll send pictures. She goes to the vet Saturday for the next shots and I guess we'll talk about spaying.

Ehm!  This was my chair.


I thought you might like to see how Ginger has grown up. A few photos of our 9 month trip in our rv with the bernese mountain dogs and the maine coons -- a little crowded at times, but so much fun. She is a delight, grooming not only us, but the other cats and the dogs, especially Maggie our 6 yr. old. She'll take an ear, flip it back using that extra toe (polydactyl), then start cleaning, and if she's not finished and Maggie moves some she'll use the other extra toed paw to hold her down. Almost as if she's saying "I'm not done yet, hold still". She's about 17 lbs. and she is large, but not fat. Her coat is extraordinary, very plush. Right now she is sprawled across the desk -- her favorite spot if I'm on the computer. She loves the screened porch -- so many birds to see, so little time. As you can see from the photos she and the dogs, esp. Maggie (the one in the chair with her -- they stayed like that for over an hour) are buddies.
Thank for her --we love her dearly.

Billy , Mikey, Timmy, Jessee

Timmy, Billy, Jesse, & Mikey the dog

There are 3 cats and one dog all on this one chair! Can you find them all? This is one home we have gotten to know well. They have adopted 4 kittens from us, and have sent several wonderful, caring friends our way, for homes for our fabulous babies to live pampered for life. Thank you Jane! We love hearing from you and enjoy your fabulous photos!

Acey Boy

is a laugh a minute. He just figured out how to steal baskets!




Monty had shots this morning.  He was so calm at the vet's, quiet and easy to handle. He weighed 5 1/2 lbs.

Now he's sleeping on my lap. He is a lap cat, which I'd hoped for.  He'll be going to our mountain home in June with us for the summer.  We definitely got the right kitten! We're crazy about him. He's very loving.
All the best,

sady lady and braun

Sadie Lady and Eddie-adopted together

Hi Laura:
We have settled in nicely here with Hope (New name Sadie Lady) and Braun (new name Eddie). We made a trip to the Vet, everything checked out great. Sadie is a very friendly girl and loves to be right in the middle of everything, Eddie well he is all boy and follows Buster our other boy Kitty and all around the house. If Buster can do it Eddie will shortly, they are so funny to watch… We are all just smitten with these two and will send you updates and pictures as they grow up. Thank you again, and I Hope this picture shows you how they have grown.



Hi Laura,
Before we arrived to pick up the little guy, his name was 'Cuddles'. Then on the way home, we all liked 'Meeko', then later in the day it went to 'Neeko', and after that it was 'Buddy'. I think it was the next day that Demi came up with 'Coconut' - and it fit. He's a great little guy and is doing fine. We are enjoying him so much!! I'm sending a couple pictures, but even these must be a couple of weeks old. He's growing like a weed, and couldn't begin to fit in the little pink basket in the picture. The vet gave him an excellent score on his health card, both the initial visit and then when he went back for his 12-week-old shots. He's almost completely transitioned to the Innova EVO, which he absolutely loves. I keep trying to get him to eat up the last of the Royal Canin, but he'll only eat it if he's really hungry and none of the EVO is left in his bowl.
Thank you!

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