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Cat Names and Yours Cats Age In Human Years

 How old is my cat in human years?

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 Choosing a Name for your New Kitten

We have call names we may call your kitten by, but unless they are older kittens or adult Cats, we have not registered the kittens with any specific name. Therefore, leaving it open for you to pick a name of your preference, to register. Though do keep in mind that once a name is given and registered to a Coonplay baby, there can be only 1 registration for that name. Therefore, if you decide on a name like Maxx, one of the most popular cat names, you may have to get creative with the name for registration purposes. There is a set number of letters for registration purposes and you will have to stay within that amount. "Coonplay" will always be in the registered name at the beginning and if you get a polydactyl, there with be a P. registered within the name as well, to notate that it is a polydactyl cat.

Whether you choose a quirky or popular, here are some things to keep in mind when naming your cat:

Ideally a one or two syllable name is easiest for your cat to recognize and respond. It's hard enough to get a cat's attention with a longer name such as "Humphry Bogart". Humphry is easier for kitty to understand.

Pick a name your kitty can grow into, such as "Mouser" or "Oscar". A name like "Baby Girl" won't fit her for long.

If you must name your cat something long, keep the shorter "call name" in mind, as that will most likely be the name your kitten will respond to right away when called.

There are many sites out there that give you options for cat names.
The top 10 pet names for 2020 are

Top 10 Female cat names of 2020:Top 10 Male cat names of 2020:
1. Bella1. Oliver
2. Chloe2.Charlie
3. Luna3. Leo
4. Kitty4. Max
5. Lucy5. Jack
6. Molly6. Milo
7. Angel7. Simba
8. Lily8. Loki
9. Princess9. Oscar
10. Sophie10. George

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