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Sven may not have 6 toes but his paws are HUGE!  He is the best cat ever!  Thank you’. This is his afternoon sunbeam napping spot....



He is the sweetest cat in the whole world…he wants to be loved on 24/7. He’s one big hunka love!
I hope his bloodlines live on…

Louis, Cal, and Maxx and New addition 2020 is Sunny (All 4 from Coonplay)

Louis, Cal and Max were all adopted 12 years ago from us.  Sunny joined this family after they lost Louis suddenly at the age of  12 old.
Sunny is 4 months and about 7 lbs now. We love him a lot. He definitely keeps us hopping. He is so smart that he figures a lot of things out way too fast – it also means that he can be trained to do or not do things. He still has tons of energy and wants to play with just about everything so we have definitely had to “childproof” the house.  Maxx totally accepts Sunny, but we have to watch as Sunny can be a bit over exuberant when trying to play with Maxx. With Maxx’s arthritis, Sunny can knock Maxx over if he charges too hard. Cal has not really warmed up to Sunny yet. He is fascinated by Sunny and watches him a lot and will play with him some, but will hiss, growl, and swat when Sunny gets on his nerves. Sunny wants so badly to play with Cal. Sunny is still in his room overnight, but is out free in the house during the day. We want Cal to accept him a bit more before we let Sunny sleep on the bed – and we know he will want to. Hope all is well with all your fur babies. We are debating whether we should get another kitten so Sunny will have someone more his age to play with. -Jan

I just wanted to send you an update on our three wonderful Maine Coons. I have attached a collage of some of the pictures we took of them this year. Louis had reached 22lbs and if he were a dog would be a Labrador retriever. He likes everybody and is a real head butter. We call him the “hugger” cat as whenever he is sitting on a table or a ledge, one just has to hug him. Cal is now 19lbs and you will see in the collage a picture on the right of his paw on my palm. We feel very fortunate we have one poly. He is the always curious, “let me play with something” one. He is the most cooperative, easy going cat of the three. Goes right after his meals, lets us brush him and clip his nails, and takes his vitamins with no complaints. Maxx is the runt. He’s only managed to reach 13lbs. This is actually a good thing as you can see in the pictures he is the lap kitty. Sometimes he is so smart it is scary. All three get along famously – they clean each other, they wrestle, and they gang up to try to figure out new puzzles in the house. Each day we are anxious to get home from work so we can spend more time with our three furry friends. Hope all is going well with you all. I check your website frequently and can see you are still raising some fabulous cats! Happy New Year!
Best Regards,
Jeff and Jan

Kermie and Versace

Just an update, Kermie is doing very well and explored last evening, we just love him. I am very much interested in another kitten from your current litter. We have kept Kermie as his name as he seems to respond to it. He is really quite the character. A little too brave for my liking so I have had to really kitty proof some areas until he gets bigger. A little dare devil. I am looking at the black smoke baby. He is the one I will take. You did a wonderful job with Kermie by the way, he is awesome. Had his first vet visit yesterday for booster vaccines and everyone just loved him. Our vet who put our Sheba to sleep was there and very happy for us. Kermie was the star of the vet office!! He is wonderful!!

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