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Lucy and Grace

Hi Laura, The kittens are doing just fine and are as healthy as can be. Lucy weighed in at 6 lbs on her four month check up. Gracie weighed the same as Lucy did at her two month check up, so she is gaining well, too. They get along great and have been really good with all the company. They are both personable and don't run and hide from anything, including some pretty bad thunderstorms. I love them both and am so glad I adopted them! They have been great company and are great kittens. They get into all sorts of trouble!
Thanks again!

Barkley, Mozart and Annabelle

We have been enjoying Barkley, Mozart and Annabelle (formerly Powder Puff). They certainly have different personalities. Annabelle is very beautiful and independent and enjoys being alone. She is becoming more social and affectionate though. Barkley is the hunter of the group. We have a toy bin for him in the basement and he brings up 8 – 10 stuffed toys every night. Mozart is the play boy and he still plays with his tail. Attached is a photo of the three trying out their Christmas present and attached is a short clip of Mozart.


Laura, I just wanted to send you a recent photo of Gouda. He is getting so big! He is only 8 months old and already weighs 13 pounds! In the attached picture our 5 year old is carrying him and he completely dwarfs her. Thank you so much for this sweet, hilarious kitty. He follows me around and brightens our days and nights.


6 months old and 13 lbs already! Coonplay's Dexter from Mica and Jasper!

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