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I just wanted to update you on Penny. She is doing great!!!! She absolutely loves her brother. She also loves to get wet anytime she can she likes to try to sneak in the shower. We just love her!!

Penny is the classic gorgeous (Black) Brown Tabby.  She has incredible coloring, and beautiful feminine Maine Coon features.


Jag is one of my favorite cats.  His Coloring is supurb!  Absolutely no tarnish to him ! High smoke colored undercoat and his furry lynx tips and ultra furry feet are amazing!  He is a one of a kind show stopper, top notch cat!

He is quite a character! We love him so much! Thanks again Laura!!



Oh my lord I am in love with this kitten! He's beautiful, he loves being held and being brushed, and spends most of his time in my lap, purring up a storm. My husband and I are very happy with him, and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual. He's so sweet! Official name chosen today is Aslan.

Thank you Laura! I've waited for him for 10 years and it was worth it!


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