We Specialize in Show Quality Polydactyl and European Line Maine Coons for the EPIC WILD LOOK!

The Maine Coon

The Gentle Giant called The Maine Coon!

The Polydactyl

Having one or more extra fingers or toes.

Food and Nutrition

What is the Best Food for a Maine Coon.

Updated Dec 1, 2018

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Located in Colorado, Coonplay is a small cattery that produces only a couple litters per year.  Our goal is to give you an amazing pet, improve the breed health, and support the original polydactyl trait of the Maine Coon as well as maintain the Maine Coon Standard for both registries of CFA and TICA. The Maine Coon breed has genetic concerns with HCM, PKD, HD, SMA, and the newly discovered PK-Def. Coonplay has bred healthy, genetically screened cats for more than 20 years.

We are a closed cattery and we DO NOT offer casual visits or Stud Service with our males.  A Closed Cattery helps prevent disease and provides a controlled health environment free of outside germs and bacteria. Our Maine Coons, are loved and raised by our family to ensure you will get a Maine Coon kitten that is well socialized, well cared for and well loved, for you to enjoy a lifetime.

Over the years, Coonplay Maine Coons have been placed in loving forever homes, including the average pet home, and many Veterinarian pet homes locally, across the Nation, and Worldwide. We have been complemented for the HEALTH, SIZE, TYPE, TEMPERAMENT and that SUPERB WILD CAT look in our Maine Coons!

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Immune System Building Vitamin

All of Coonplay Cats and Kittens are on NuVet Plus, Helping us provide healthy, well socialized, amazingly awesome Maine Coon for you!
NuVet is the only USDA Approved Pet vitamins!

Adoption Information

Find out more information on our adoption process here.